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RockDeep 😮💪🏾

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Rockdeep is an athletic/outdoor footwear & apparel company that aims to provide function, style and quality at prices that will make you mad at your favorite brands.

Founded in 2013 by Rocky Parrish who grew up in Del Ray Virginia, before moving to Arlington and later to Oxon Hill, Maryland. Rockdeeps offices are located in Old Town Alexandria. Prior to founding Rockdeep, Parrish was president of R.I.P Marketing. In the 1990s, he worked for local news organizations.

Rocky Parrish

In 2019 parish opened his first retailer in his hometown Del Ray. The store is located on 2400 Mount Vernon Ave between Pork Barrel BBQ and Taqueria Poblano.

Here's is an interview where Parrish dives deeper into the brand and how they established themselves in the industry.


Here's a look at some rockdeep footwear.

Check out Rockdeep x Daylyt collab 😮🔥🔥😫

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