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Boondocks Reboot 😮

The Boondocks Reboot has been confirmed and is reported to be airing fall of 2020, which is only a few months away. As the year nears to its end, those of us who are fans of the show cant help but to wonder, whats next for the show? How are they going to change things and will it be as successful as the first few seasons? Since its been confirmed that John Witherspoons son will not be portraying him in the sitcom, who will voice Grandad in the show? All great questions that we can only wait to be answered. Its going to be hard to fill the shoes of granddad (Rest In Peace to the Great John Witherspoon) but who better for the part than his son? Lets pray the show turns out as good as the new animation teased for the show!! 😍


R.I.P John Witherspoon 🤴🏾

R.I.P Charlie Murphy 🤴🏾

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